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Welcoming your child into the world is one of the most amazing events of your life. Meeting your baby for the very first time will create a lasting memory that will stick with you forever. But with that overwhelming joy you feel in those first few days can come a lot of stress and exhaustion. You will have more questions than you do answers, and you can easily feel overcome. That’s where I come in!

Expert care and friendly guidance

As your personal live-in baby nurse and postpartum coach, I am here to guide you through all of the ups and downs that come along with bringing your newborn baby home. I have studied, practiced and assisted with nearly every scenario you can imagine as both a certified postpartum doula and live-in baby nurse. You won’t need to worry because you will have me by your side to assist you.

The day I arrive at your home I become part of your team  

The day I arrive at your home I become part of your team  and I will help you in any way I can. I act not only as your baby nurse, but also as your postpartum coach and friend.  Together we will create a calm and peaceful environment that will allow you to focus on not just your new baby, but getting the rest and proper nutrition that you need as well. My job is to make your transition as easy and stress-free as possible, which is why I customize my live-in care packages for each family situation I work with.

what we’ll cover 


Settling In

Coming home from the hospital is a day you dream about for 9 months. You are now a family and it’s time to get settled in!  My job during this time is not only to make sure that the baby’s basic needs are being met at home, but to also cater to your postpartum recovery which includes rest and proper nutrition. This is a time where basic needs are what matter most. I will use my expert knowledge and experience to assist you with settling in, while also teaching you skills to successfully take care of your newborn. These include skills like: breast/bottle feeding (how much, when, latch, etc),  soothing techniques, understanding baby’s cues, creating an organized and safe environment for the baby, and helping the entire family get acclimated and rested.


Moving Right Along

Now that you are home and settled in, it’s time to begin to get to know your baby better and start establishing early routines. During this phase I will teach you ways to recognize when a growth spurt is happening as well as starting early sleep shaping techniques with your baby. Sleep shaping is not the same thing as sleep training. Promoting good sleep patterns early on will come in handy as the baby grows.  We are encouraging and promoting good sleep habits. We will also start to see daytime and nighttime routines begin to emerge and we will nurture and develop those. Other areas we will work on include: tummy time, learning about development and starting more daytime interactions, and continued care for your recovery.


Embracing the Transition 

As routines begin to take shape and the baby develops and changes, it’s my job to provide solutions to issues that may arise. My experience has given me the insight to manage any problem that may surface. You have the added assurance that I am constantly watching, evaluating, and planning for your newborn each step of the way. The first six weeks of the postpartum period can be very challenging for some women. Between hormone fluctuations, lack of sleep, and the new demands of your infant, issues like postpartum depression and anxiety can take hold. My job is to watch for early signs that you may be struggling, and to assist with adequate time for self-care, nutrition, and sleep. During this time we will continue to learn from your baby’s cues to establish successful routines so that your family will continue to flourish.


 What to Expect

Preparing for Your Due Date


3-5 months before your due date

I know it still seems like your due date is a long way off, but now is the time to start planning for what kind of care you will need after your baby arrives. My schedule generally books up months in advance. If you are interested in 24-hour care, please send me a message so that we can get on a call to discuss your needs and my availability. You’ll be glad you did once your little one is here!


4-6 weeks before your due date

Now that you have booked my services, you can expect me to check in with you at least once a week or more to talk through any questions or concerns that you are having leading up to your due date. I will help guide you through this anxious but exciting time to make sure that you feel as prepared and organized as possible.


2 weeks before your due date

We’re almost there! In this timeframe, we will finalize the details of my arrival. I will be flexible to your needs in the weeks leading up to your due date. I will be checking in with you every few days now for all the support that you need. Your baby will be here any day now and I am excited to begin this journey with you!


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Additional Services: 

Travel Nanny

For newborns up to 6 months

Whether you are traveling to Disney, planning an international adventure or heading out of town for work, I am here to help make your trip easier. I will travel with you and deliver the same high-quality service that I do as a baby nurse, providing 24-hour care for your little one while you are away from home. Traveling with a baby can be an incredibly stressful endeavor, but I am here to help ease your worries so that you are able to focus on your travel plans while being rest assured that your baby is being well cared for.

Once you book anything from your short domestic trip to your month-long international vacation, I can be as hands-on as you need to help you prepare beforehand so that you and your family can enjoy yourselves while you are away.  My main focus will be the care of your baby, but I am also able to provide assistance in caring for your other children that may be traveling with you. I’m adaptable and comfortable in any environment, so I’m ready for any travel plans that you throw my way.

Get in touch today to discuss your plans and leave your concerns about traveling with your baby behind!