Personalized postpartum care & coaching

professional live-in
postpartum care & coaching

“A baby changes everything... but if you listen closely, they will always tell you exactly what they need.” 

I will help you hear their voice.


What makes The Whole Bundle different

I am here to offer expert care and friendly guidance as you bring your new baby home. My background as a postpartum doula and live-in baby nurse has given me great insight into how to make your home a calm but structured environment. I focus my attention not only on the baby’s needs, but also in getting you the rest and care that you need during recovery.

I customize my approach to fit the unique needs of each family that I work with. Together we will transition you into a family that not only survives the newborn period, but also thrives in it.  Whatever the situation, no matter the challenge, I am here to come alongside you to offer support, coaching, and real-life guidance. The first few months after having a baby can be challenging for many families. When you have the expert guidance and support of a professional live-in baby nurse, you never have to worry. 


While providing around the clock live-in care, our focus will be on three main areas:

Practical: This is the day-to-day care and keeping of the infant. Essential matters that include feeding, soothing, bathing and many other daily needs, as well as ensuring your rest and recovery.

Progression: This is the onward movement! We watch for signs of readiness for sleep shaping and setting daytime schedules. We become aware of the growth and development patterns that your baby is going through.

Perception: This is where my intuition and experience help to provide insight for what you may otherwise be missing: watching for postpartum issues, learning to better read your baby's cues and then setting our intentions for moving forward.

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