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 Cindy MacKinnon

Based out of Raleigh, NC


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frequently asked questions

What is your daily rate?

Each client’s needs are different and that is why I customize my services (and my quotes) for your situation specifically. Contact me directly and I will be happy to talk further about pricing based on your needs.

Where are you based?

I live in Raleigh, NC but I travel all over the USA to provide live-in baby nurse postpartum care. I also offer travel services or vacation services where I will travel nationally or internationally with you and your family with babies up to 6 months of age.

Do you have experience with multiples?

I have 10 years experience working in pretty much every situation you can image! The majority of my clients are singletons and twins and I have a handful of triplet experience as well!

Will you take care of other children in the home?

The majority of my time will be spent tending to and looking after your newborn as well as making sure that you are getting the rest and care you need! I am a firm believer however in making mom’s job easier and so sometimes that does entail caring for or playing with other children in the home.

How do you work 24-hours?

While I am a live-in baby nurse and my service is considered 24-hours, I do take breaks during the day to make sure that I am also rested and healthy to continue supporting you and your newborn. Get in touch and I will talk you through exactly how my service works and answer all your questions!

Can we get a list of references?

Of course! I do ask that we have an initial conversation to discuss your needs and expectations and then I am happy to provide you with references that you can reach out to directly.