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Creating families that are capable to thrive is what I do best


Hi, I’m Cindy

As a professional live-in baby nurse I help to create confident and thriving families. When my time is up with the families I coach, they are prepared to journey on without my help. I love working myself out of a job! As both a certified postpartum doula & certified health coach, I have the expertise to guide families who are welcoming new babies into their homes. My approach is to make it as stress-free and smooth of a transition as possible. I believe new parents need care as they adjust to having a new baby, and I make it my mission to help all members of the family thrive during this intense time of caring for a newborn.

This type of hands-on, live-in guidance works great for families who are looking for support during the first few days, weeks, or months of a baby’s life. My clients are families of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. I’ve worked with twins/triplets, preemies, high-profile clients and high-risk pregnancies, postpartum depression and anxiety, surrogate families, and everything that goes along with each unique family’s needs. I customize my approach to  serve each family that I work with.


Certified Postpartum Doula
Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association

Infant & Adult CPR Certified
American Heart Association

Certified Health Coach
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Lactation Counselor Training
Healthy Children’s Center For Breastfeeding


Educator of Infant Massage
Infant Massage USA

Certified Nursing Assistant
Wake Technical College

Level 1 & 2 Training
H.U.G. Your Baby Training

Psychology & Women’s Studies
Mount Saint Vincent University

Postpartum Doula, Baby Nurse, Certified Health Coach, & Mom

I have been a certified postpartum doula for the last 10 years, which gives me tremendous knowledge and guidance to assist in even the toughest recoveries. Moms can feel confident when they are in my care, because I’m not only there to cater to the baby’s needs but theirs as well. I believe that guiding the entire family is much more beneficial in the long run. My goal is to enable your household to operate smoothly, and together we will be a team that creates routine and balance within your home and family.

Creating families that are capable to thrive is what I do best. My husband and I have been happily married for 28 years with two grown daughters (28 & 25) of our own. Being a mom myself, I know what your needs are even before you may be aware of them. I have adopted the philosophy that with each family I work with, I am developing routines and systems that will benefit them for years to come. My past clients will tell you that caring for a new baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have me as your guide. Welcome to The Whole Bundle! I am here for you.

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